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Who Are We?

Are you dreaming of starting a home health care organization of your own? You’ve got questions, we’ve got the answers. CLJ Management Consultancy is the premier resource for start-up projects for home health care organizations. We are specialists in bringing your ambitions and aspirations into effective agencies and transforming them.

Carmen Joiner, the sought-after, globally recognized expert, has over 15 years of business experience and has supported numerous companies by certification and accreditation in Health Care and other entities.

Our one-on-one function with our consumers separates us from our rivals. You are not yet another face in the crowd at CLJ Management Consultancy. We visit your office, sit one-on-one with you and adapt your appointment to suit your specifications.

From start to finish, weoffers an on-site appointment and a step-by-step guide to provide you with all the tools required and mentor you on how to manage the Home Health Agency.

We have merged expertise and experience with the help of our consultant team,to offer professional guidance, questions, and ideas at a reasonable price, so that people beginning an organization can make educated decisions. We support agency owners comply with state and federal laws and have the appropriate systems to be enforced by the Home Health Agency.
At Launch, we support you from start to finish, leading you through deployment. We would ensure that you follow all of the Leadership, Human Resource Administration, Performance Enhancement Initiative and Information Management Joint Commission requirements.
Before the final date, we will provide assistance with the submission process, assess all approval standards, enforce policies and protocols, perform a Simulated Evaluation to test readiness and fix all outcomes, update all of the pages for the survey, and provide help for post-certification. Our robust accreditation experience has helped multiple clients become certified by the Joint Board, DODD, Medicaid, ODA, MHA, and JFS.

Helping You Achieve Success

What is Unique about CLJ Management Consultancy?

We are helping medical organizations and interested parties to enter the market of home health care services to meet the rising demand for health care providers. Our aim is to back the health care industries by helping dedicated individuals enter the home health care field and fulfill the demand for in-home health care providers. As the laws and rules in the State for hands-on and personal health care providers are considerably restricted and critical, we guide the newcomers with business, law, and regulations to set up home health care companies through the rigorous process and enable them to help the ones in need of health care assistance. Also: .

The official survey with little to no inadequacies was passed by all clients who recommended that we conduct a mock survey and followed our written advice.

For all organizations that came to us for assistance after a difficult State or Accreditation Compliance review, 100 percent of our corrective proposals were approved.

Services We Provide

If your company has a very good workforce or you’ve just recently begun, CLJ Management Consultancy LLC can still offers a multitude of assistance. You will assist with preparing the agency for greater results. Our specialties comprise:

Application Assistance
  • 2021 Application for State Licenses
  • Application NPI Enumerator.
  • Application for Worker Comp, and unemployment agency
  • Provide help with applications for Medicaid/Medicare Enrollment.
  • Assist in applying for supplier ID number.
  • Assist in setting up Incorporation Registration.
  • Assist in sourcing Insurance requirements.
  • Assist in OSS Verification
Guidance In New Agency Startup
  • Assistance, as required, with state and federal licensing and certification applications
  • Establish a Company Profile that includes: Agenda and Sample Meeting Minutes of the Board of Directors, Organizational Map, Letters of Authority & Other things required for accreditation.
  • Management Education: Compliance and Medicaid regulations, mandatory fulfillment specifications, operational procedures, Policies and Procedures, mandatory health assistance regulations, training, adverse incidents, Rules/form, required contracts, operational processes, Electronic Documentation software.
  • Staff training: compliance with state and Medicaid regulations; correct reporting, training, and forms for admission/discharge process, training, and compliance.
  • Supervise Individual plans.
  • Training, forms, job descriptions, and setting up of personnel files.
  • Education on-site and visit assessments by clinical personnel.
  • “Train the teacher” instruction for professional workers related to subjects such as orientation, assessment of competence, and supervision of unlicensed employees.
Internal Compliance Review System.
  • A way for the implementation of an Internal Compliance Review for Quality Assurance tailored to the services of the Agency and create a system to stay ready for compliance.
  • We will prepare you for official reviews prior to compliance survey.
  • CLJ Management Consultancy developed a curriculum for;
  • CPR/First Aid training, and to meet the DODD/Medicaid/ODA/JFS/MHA requirements for the in-home health care providers that also fulfills the annual training essentiality.
  • Develop the 8 hour curriculum to meet the agency requirements
  • Setup the state 60 hour training requirements for non- STNA/CNA home health aides.
  • Develop Internal train-the trainer Internal Compliance system
  • MUI/UI Incidents training.  
Starting Your Home Health Business
  • Resources for building a profitable organization.
  • Licensing, financial consequences and regulatory enforcement market consultancy.
  • Strategic Strategy Planning.
  • Including but not limited to one-on-one home care preparation, video training, and high-quality tailored materials to improve all facets of the human resource organization for home care companies. Literally, all the same documentation (but tailored for your home care business) that we use to run our own home care firms.
Additional Services
  • Improvement of legislation and customer care results thus maximizing net income.
  • Instruments to control diseases.
  • Cost-effective office operations with full utilization of the client’s Management Information Software.
  • Survey of mock legal and/or financial risks to determine:
  • Potential defects in enforcement.
  • Strategy for maintaining Cash-Flow, and reviewing and creating monthly financial statements.
  • Remote bookkeeper, and accounting services
  • Setting up Payroll and tax-withdrawls
  • Areas and threats of liability.
  • Issues with consistency.

What Makes Our Service Unique?

At CLJ management Consultancy, we understand that in order to maintain optimum health, each patient or occupant you provide needs an individualized care plan. In the same way, we believe that there are specific business needs for each company we represent. Our advisory programs are designed to meet the organization’s unique goals. Our partner will collaborate with you to create and help you execute a strategy to meet your business priorities and to remain a safe company.

Our team of experts is made up of seasoned administrators of home treatment, nurses, and professionals in compliance, and physicians. Through realistic knowledge, we have been hands-on. To ensure a great impact and services at a reasonable price, we use this combined expertise.

The only constant in the healthcare sector is the transition, and Home Health Care Experts are able to help your company work through so many modifications.

To start a home care company, we provide you with everything you need and take out everything you don’t. The home care franchise businesses like to pretend they’re going to give you free leads. Many home care consultants are so deceptive that their pages are full of fake recommendations and images of tropical training for customers who have never ever started a home care company before. Don’t fool yourself with gimmicks. Start with CLJ Management Consultancy to start your home care company.

Who Needs Our Service?

There is a demand for home care services, and as the aged population figures begin to grow, the need is growing and will become a factor to reckon with. This upsurge is partially attributed to:

Owing to the high health care rates of hospitals, patients are discharged early. Several need short-term support at home when they heal.

Individuals with Developmental Disabilities are getting an opportunity to live life independent and within our community.

Care-in-home is more cost-friendly than receiving care in hospitals/institutions.

Senior citizens are living longer and their retirement years are easily met by “baby-boomers.”

Health Care Teams and Health Care Services’ progress helps patients to be treated and tracked in their own homes and neighborhoods.

Entrepreneurs who are in need of consultancy regarding the business, law, and regulations aspects of starting a home health care service company.

The pressure on caregivers (family and/or friends who provide others with direct care) is growing. This can also lead to a burn-out of the caregiver, which in turn, adds to the need for additional assistance.

For the investors and businessmen interested in entering the Home Health Care sector.

For all persons who are willing to live in their own homes, the standard of living increases.


During recent years, the home health care market has been rising at an extremely high pace. The growing prices of hospitals/facilities and other inpatient settings would continue to add to this accelerated demand growth. The assumption that the healthcare industry has been much less impacted by the impact of the economic crisis on other business sectors is also taken into account.

We understand the primary care giver’s life of toil while caring for the Individuals of their family and maintaining daily life. From here comes the need for in-home health care services and as we all know, with an increasing number of senior citizens in need of full-time caregivers. However, the home health care market is not adequate to provide full support.

Our company is making the path to enter the home health care market through our services so that the standard of living improves for the senior citizens and primary caregivers; at the same time, allowing dedicated people to serve the people in need of extra hands to care for the ailing ones.
It is well-known that entering the medical industry in the US is a strict and meticulous process. Even though there are a lot of individuals out there who are willing to contribute to the field however possible, they cannot do it due to a lack of assistance. We established the company to be the assistance people need to contribute to the in-home health care field.
We leverage the interested investors and entrepreneurs to enter this field with our expertise and resources so that the manpower of in-home health care increases. As more parties enter this field and contribute themselves and help others to serve, it results in a more comfortable life for the Individuals and terminally ill population of the country which finally adds up to the improved quality of life for everyone.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!