From start to finish, we offer an on-site appointment to provide you with all the tools required and mentor you on how to best manage the Home Health Agency. We have merged our expertise and experience with the help of our consultant team to offer professional guidance, address questions, and develop ideas at a reasonable price so that people beginning a new organization can make educated decisions. We support agency owners as they comply with state and federal laws and have the appropriate systems to be enforced by the Home Health Agency. We will ensure that you follow all of the Leadership, Human Resource Administration, Performance Enhancement Initiative, and Information Management Joint Requirements.

Our Services: Home-Care Agency Packages

Package 1: Gathering Your Licensing Materials

  • We will help you to create your company name, EIN, and its incorporation
  • We will review with you the different types of Home healthcare agencies that you are able to open in your current state. This will give you an overview of the different types of Health Care agencies available and narrow down your target market.
  • We will also source and negotiate your liability/bond insurance with one of our providers at a reasonable cost.
  • We will help you obtain worker compensation insurance, create your unemployment account, obtain your national provider Identifier Number, and to set-up your supplier ID.

Package 2. Processing your application

  • We will make your customized policy/procedures/training.
  • We will create your Mission, Vision, and Core Values statements.
  • We will gather all your documents to apply for your license.
  • Our company will set-up your initials training.  
  • We will help you complete the license application for the agency county office and your Medicaid application.  
  • Our company will assist you through the licensing process, and help you obtain any additional information that the licensing agency or Medicaid may request after submitting your application. 

Package 3: Certification Approval

  • We will come out and be part of the survey to assist you with the initial Medicaid interview.  
  • We will help you set-up your scheduling method, payroll, and documentation process.
  • CLJ Management Consultancy will provide Client assessment packets.
  • We will provide you with take-home folders for clients.
  • Create your agency forms and contracts while encompassing the aspects of the homemaker companion agency.
  • We will provide three months of unlimited telephone and email coaching assistance. 
  • We will prepare you for your first client interview.  

Package 4: Marketing tools

  • We will assist you with your company’s design and logo.
  • We establish a professional Web Site at a wholesale price
  • We register and secure your domain.
  • We secure Hosting Servers for your site. 
  • CLJ Management Consultancy services include Search engine submission for Google.  
  • We setup your POP3 Email:  Example
  • This package includes 1000 Business cards.
  • We will include Content/website writing.
  • We will promote your company among the counties you want to serve.

Package 5: Human Resources

  • We will train you on all the Department of Labor laws and Human Resources documents.
  • We create the employment application.
  • We create all required employee forms to protect your company and your employees.
  • We provide an Employee Handbook.  
  • We set-up your employee files to be compliance ready.  

Package 6: Financial Assistance

  • We will teach you how to review your Profit and loss statement
  • Review your billing reports
  • Provide Bookkeeping Services
  • Provide Accounting services – Taxes, etc.
  • Build your company credit and obtain credit lines.
  • Include Payroll processing services (deducting taxes)

Other Communities services that we offer for all Business types

  • Tax filling
  • Financial Advisor, Accounting, Bookkeeping Services
  • Notary Services
  • Insurance
  • Business Start-up and Incorporation/Business Federal and state tax preparation.
  • Remote client services for your current business
  • Payroll services, Billing Services
  • Business Coach, Workshop, and training.
  • Small Business Consultation in all industry
  • Human Resources implementation
  • Home Health Care Agencies: DODD, Department of aging, Medical & Non-Medical transportation, Medicaid and private setup.  
  • Non-Medical Transportation:
  • Day-Hab Setup and Licensing:
  • Long Term Care/Nursing Homes
  • Group Homes
  • Recruiting and Hiring
  • Company Filing system and organization
  • Website/logo
  • Content Writing 
  • Creating Internal Compliance System
  • Auditing
  • Creating regulatory government agency forms  
  • Accreditation Assistance 
  • CPR & First Aid Certificate/Training
  • 8-hour curriculum (agency requirement training)
  • State/Medicaid 60-90 hours Home Health Aide training for non-STNA/CNA
  • Medication Administration Certificates (RN)
  • Remote Demo training (ODA)

Who Needs Our Services?

New, aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals looking to start any kind of business as well as owners looking for help in certain areas will be in need of our services. We also assist small business owners who are stuck working and not growing. Finally, we can aid anyone who wants to make their homecare agency or business more efficient.

Clj Management

How Do Our Services Solve Your Problems?

The growing prices of hospitals/facilities and other inpatient settings would continue to add to this accelerated, demanding growth.

Our company is making the path to enter the home health care market through our services so that the standard of living improves for the senior citizens and primary caregivers; at the same time, this will allow dedicated people to serve the people in need of extra hands to care for the ailing ones.

As more parties enter this field and contribute themselves and help others to serve, it results in a more comfortable life for the individuals and terminally ill population of the country, which finally leads to an improved quality of life for everyone.

Another focus of CLJ Management Consultancy is to help current small business owners evolve their business as a small, family-owned operation into a mid-sized/corporate model, help them to save money on areas that they don’t realize that they need, for them to re-organize all their current processes, and for them to make their business profitable.